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A Day Of Link is an account-specific link that directs candidates to events happening on that day. The link never changes or expires and the information hosted on the link will automatically update to correspond with the events being held that day. The link allows candidates to easily sign up the day of, as they are entering an in-person event or a virtual event.

When to Use the Day Of Link

Your Day Of Link can be used for same-day registration for in-person and virtual events, information collection, as well as a method to track the event attendance. The link can be used to fit your needs for each specific event, either in-person or virtual. This is very beneficial as it serves multiple purposes and you can select how you want to use it.

For in-person events, a big benefit the link offers is the ability to re-use signage that has been created that incorporates the Day Of Link. Because the link never changes you can use the signage with the link for all in-person events. This will save time and money by preventing you from having to create and purchase new signage for each event you have.

Finding Your Day Of Link

To locate your Day Of Link click the “Events” icon on the left panel of your account and then click into one of your events.

The Day Of Link can easily be used as a tool to have people register during an event or as a check-in too. The link can be used on its own or embedded into a QR code. You can use this so candidates can self-check-in or for you to capture the information of those who did not pre-register.

Candidates Using Day Of Link

Once the link is clicked or the QR Code is scanned, candidates will be sent directly to the event if only one is happening on that day or to a page in which they can view all of the events for the day and select which one they would like to register for.

One Event Day

If a candidate goes to the Day Of Link on a day in which only one event is occurring, they will be taken immediately to the “Get Started” screen for that event. They would then be taken through setting up their profile and completing registration.

Multiple Events Day

If multiple events are being hosted on a given day candidates are taken to a page that lists all events taking place that day, and the candidate can select the specific event they are attending.

After they have selected their event they are taken to the Get Started page and can complete their profile and registration.

After the candidate completes basic registration information, including name, email, and phone number the registration allows the candidate to complete the questions at that time or answer them later. Selecting the option to answer later will immediately trigger a reminder email and text message to the candidate so they can easily go back after the event and fill out the requested information. This ensures candidates do not feel rushed to fill out the information on the spot.

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