Qualifying Questions

Adding, editing, and deleting qualifying questions you can use during candidate registration.

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We designed Qualifying Questions to enable you to collect clean data from your users, making it easier for you to draw insights and categorize candidates. 

Accessing Qualifying Questions

To edit qualifying questions, go to "Settings" and then press "Edit Qualifying Questions."

Creating a question

To create a question, hit the button that says "Add Question."

Create the question title by clicking into "Untitled Question" and typing in your desired title. Then, choose what type of question you would like: Free Text, Yes or No, Single Select or Multi Select. Finally, add any answer options if necessary.

Utilizing questions

Now, these questions will appear on your Create Event or Edit Event pages so that you can select them to be answered by questions at your event. Up to 8 qualifying questions can be used per event.

Ordering questions

You can re-order questions by dragging and dropping them by clicking and holding the four dots icon.

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