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Using Flo Recruit at a Career Fair Style Event
Using Flo Recruit at a Career Fair Style Event

Use this step by step guide to make sure you're prepared for your career fair style recruiting event.

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Using Flo Recruit at a Career Fair Style Event

  1. Check your email an hour before the event. Click the link in the email: all members who were invited to an event will have a link in their email inbox to start giving feedback.

  2. Put up your registration signage. Make sure you have clear signage at your event. Don’t hesitate to put up multiple signs. We recommend two small 8x11 signs on your table or booth, one larger size behind your booth if you have access to a wall, or one large vertical banner if you have access to floor space.

  3. Use your day-of link: You can use your simple link at events on the day of the event. This link is easy for candidates to type in on their mobile devices while they’re waiting in line before they come speak to you. Your company’s link is:[your company's abbreviation]/ .

  4. As candidates register, leave feedback!

  5. Organize your workflow: Organize your workflow to ensure you’re spending quality time with each candidate. Your phone and your recruiters’ phones should be put away during their interactions with a candidate. It should only be pulled out after the interaction to search and leave feedback on a candidate.

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